Giopato & Coombes

“Passion is our only compass” – Giopato & Coombes

As an architect and designer Giopato & Coombes have learnt one thing fast: don’t be afraid of the potential of a blank sheet of paper, which is the darkness when designing light. Out of the blue in 2014 we found ourselves not only designing but also developing and producing our own ideas, with a 2 week deadline following a 6 month journey through the backstreets of Murano, for an exhibition in Milan. It was an unbelievable time which saw us open a huge can of worms! With so many expertise to deal with, it was like two jugglers shifting in the air, directed by passion.

This passion drives Giopato & Coombes to ardently create, to tirelessly, persistently investigate into the correct mix of ingredients. The path towards reality is not linear, it is more like a quest, like dungeons and dragons, researching into dangerous potions of materials, machinery and technology each directed by a master Venetian artisan.

“We are finally independent, exploring new territories, creating connections that promote human dialogue and expertise, one light at a time.”

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