Rich Brilliant Willing

Rich Brilliant Willing is a Brooklyn-based studio that designs and manufactures LED light fixtures for hospitality, workplace, and residential projects.

Light is a powerful thing. When it comes to hospitality, a warm, welcoming glow is what sets us at ease and makes us feel at home. A well-lit workplace can set the tone of an employee’s day. The right lighting lifts the mood, inspires productivity, and motivates us.

At home it can enliven the little things—our morning routines, or the moments we spend with friends. Rich Brilliant Willing believes that nothing is more important in shaping our sense of well-being than quality of light.

We believe in the power of illumination to create atmosphere.

Incorporated in 2009 by Theo Richardson, Charles Brill and Alexander Williams, the studio has been a pioneering force in the use of LEDs in contemporary design, recognizing its potential to bring both warmth and energy efficiency to everyday life.

Today, through an experimental approach guided by technology, creativity, and simplicity, the studio continues to break new ground in lighting design. Products range from subtle to statement pieces, continually providing new solutions to architects’ and designers’ needs.

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