Luxury is back in style – bring on the new bling!

Staffan recently sat down with Katrina Burroughs from The Sunday Times to talk about luxury. Here is a sneak peak from the article featured in the Home section of The Sunday Times, July 6th:

Staffan Tollgård, an architectural interior designer of high-end homes, is delighted: “I feel that the past 10 years of contemporary luxury in London has been MDF dipped in gold. No more, I say!” Muttering something that sounds like “lipstick on a pig”, he explains that he has been scouting for small furniture workshops around the world to find the most stylish and interesting pieces to introduce to his clients.

Tollgard’s tips, both from New York, are Apparatus, a design studio that uses brass, etched glass, leather and porcelain to make lighting, and Mark Albrecht, who creates elegant furniture in steel, leather and hardwood.

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