Contardi Lighting Collection

Staffan’s ongoing collaboration with lighting couturier Contardi all began with the Belle.  Designed to play with the notion of functional sculpture, Contardi’s immaculate execution of the Belle succeeds in concealing its function until closer inspection.  The essential shape is formed from glazed ceramic, with a braided silk rope concealing the lighting cable.  Belle is available in a series of neutral and bronzed tones, in two sizes and as a wall lamp.

Designs for Contardi also include RECESS and TIMELESS.  Recess was inspired by the requirement for a decorative fitting that could flush into a conventional ceiling void and provide a functional and sculptural solution for corridors and public spaces.  Timeless, conceived as an over-sized fob watch with a decorative chain detail, has two separate lights in each of the curved faces, enabling additional functionality.  The softly curved opal glass is combined with rich metal details to create a satisfyingly solid nod to the past.

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