Porada Ekero, Koster & Lagom

A meeting of Swedish and Italian minds, the latest pieces for Porada are rooted in the belief that great furniture design creates sculpture for the home.  Continuing their collaboration with the master artisans at Porada, Staffan Tollgard and Filippo Castellani have designed contemporary pieces that inspire and excite while offering flexibility and functionality. The new Lagom collection is grounded in the Scandinavian concept of ‘lagom’, providing the perfect balance between what we want versus what we need. The Ekero Rack, Mirror & Coffee Table complement the successful Ekero family and explore a juxtaposition of strength and lightness with a thread of 1950s functionalism. The new additions to Ekero and Koster are satisfyingly tactile, utilising natural materials like Nero Marquina marble and canaletta walnut alongside elegant pewter components.

“So often valet stands err on the side of function. The marble base of the Ekero valet brings it firmly into the world of functional sculpture. A marble sentry of stone and steel, the valet has a personality that I have grown really fond of,” Staffan enthuses.

Staffan explains: “The term lagom dates back to Viking times and comes from the idea of everyone at the table getting the right amount of food and drink.  I grew up with the idea that lagom conveyed the perfect balance between what you need and what you want. The Lagom collection is my answer to this.  We want beautiful, sculptural pieces in our lives. We need them to work hard.  These pieces move between seating, storage and useful surfaces.

Discover these future heirlooms in person at Tollgard’s London showrooms.