Tollgard features on Luxdeco Top 100 Interior Designers of 2020

Luxdeco’s annually published list celebrates the world’s leading interior designers for the creativity, positive impact and commitment to luxury design which they contribute to the design world. We are thrilled to feature on this global list – it is a huge honour.

Fanø summer house

We were delighted to hear what LuxDeco had to say about us too –

“The husband and wife team behind Tollgard Design Group recently observed: “Unlike other industries, design is not obsessed with youth. Experience really matters when designing anything of importance, and there is still a very healthy respect for people who have been doing this for a long time.” However, after 15 years in the industry, it might be said that the duo finds themselves in a sweet spot which captures both youth and authority. With their portfolio of hushed luxury, the studio enjoys the industry clout which comes with such tenured experience whilst retaining the dynamism of a studio which is barely getting started.”

Read the full article at LuxDeco

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