Tollgard Product Design specialises in contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories for leading international brands.

Product design allows us to tell the story of the piece instead of the story of the space. The direct, focused narrative of each piece of contemporary furniture design offers an answer to a question of living that our interior design work has uncovered.

Product Design Division

Staffan Tollgård & Filippo Castellani

Staffan Tollgård and Filippo Castellani head the product design division of Tollgard Design Group, working from our Belgravia studio. Recent work includes furniture commissions for internationally acclaimed brands Porada, JAB Anstoetz, Contardi and Vi-Spring. A series of rugs for JAB Anstoetz garnered industry acclaim when it was released, winning IMM Cologne’s Best of the Best Award.

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"Recognising the need is the primary condition for design."
Charles Eames
Product Design Portfolio

Recent pieces we are proud of

Our most recent series for Porada, the Archipelago Collection, was inspired by the thousands of islands that make up the Stockholm archipelago, where Staffan was born and raised. The collection emerged from the idea of encasing: a precious or hard-working material wrapped or protected by an enfolding, hand worked wrapper. The theme also allow for the multiplicity of forms – islands born from the same series of elements but nevertheless with their own unique character and purpose. The contemporary furniture collection now includes the Astol Bench, Koster coffee table collection, Dafto Dressing Table and most recent side tables, Ekero.

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Staffan & Filippo strive for functional sculpture

Filippo Castellani was born in Pisa, educated in Florence and trained in Milan. Creative consultant and product designer for leading international design brands, his experience has seen him work from high-end and limited production items, to mass-produced and globally retailed products. Informal – balanced – unconventional – figured – detailed… these are the keys to his concept of design.

Born and raised in Stockholm, with an early career in film-making, Staffan’s passion for story-telling has manifested itself through his interior design projects as well as in his product design ventures. His design ethos is crystallised in two principles: the search for the Scandinavian notion of the distinctive ‘Red Thread’ or creative DNA in each project, and the commitment to the creation of functional sculpture.

“As a Scandinavian designer I am functionalist to my very core. My wife jokes that if I’m not being useful, I’m just not happy. So function, to me, is king. Functional sculpture is when a piece of design is beautiful – and thus useful - even when it’s not working. "

It all began with the Belle

Our ongoing collaboration with lighting couturier Contardi showcases how Tollgard Product Design is able to work within the creative DNA of an atelier.

"My first light for Contardi is called ‘Belle’ and the double meaning tells the story of functional sculpture perfectly: when the classic bell shape is lit it is both beautiful and functional. When not lit it remains a decorative object with an almost sacred appeal – it’s the shape of a church bell so it taps into something quite spiritual – for me functional sculpture at its most pure.”"
Staffan Tollgård Director and Head of Product Design
Designed to play with the notion of functional sculpture, Contardi’s immaculate execution of the Belle succeeds in concealing its function until closer inspection. The essential shape is formed from glazed ceramic, with a braided silk rope concealing the lighting cable. Belle is available in a series of neutral and bronzed tones, in two sizes and as a wall lamp.
Recess was inspired by the requirement for a decorative fitting that could flush into a conventional ceiling void and provide a functional and sculptural solution for corridors and public spaces.
Timeless, conceived as an over-sized fob watch with a decorative chain detail, has two separate lights in each of the curved faces, enabling additional functionality. The softly curved opal glass is combined with rich metal details to create a satisfyingly solid nod to the past.
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