Coombe Hill Mansion

Coombe Hill Mansion is a contemporary Arts and Crafts mansion in Surrey. With apparently conflicting client requirements of a boutique interior combined with a fun family home, the challenge was to reconcile these elements in a coherent and creative design.

The luxury boutique requirement was broadly a wish for chic, stylish interiors, but it also became apparent that there were two separate elements within it – public entertaining vs. private retreat.  We decided to interpret these distinct requirements in the interior design using a combination of impressive ‘public’ statement pieces set against a backdrop of calming spa-like features.

We achieved the boutique retreat feel primarily through careful use of materials, predominantly pure and calming natural stone and wood which, in line with Arts and Crafts aesthetics, were displayed in a simple form to reveal the materials’ inherent natural variation and beauty.  The key natural materials – walnut, limestone, basalt (and, to a lesser degree, quartzitic slate) – were used throughout the property as a unifying element.

Through this consistent use of materials in the interior architecture and joinery, along with the introduction of an Arts and Craft inspired decorative motif we achieved the overall stylistic unification of the house.  The motif in particular allowed us greater freedom to delineate the separate areas using differing furniture styles and colour, whilst still retaining a feeling of overarching coherence, from the large scale architectural elements and finishes, right down to the furniture, soft furnishings and artwork.  The considered approach to full scale unification of the Coombe Hill mansion provided the clients with a highly unique, bespoke and boutique interior, with which they were thrilled.

Winner: The International Property & Design ET AL Awards 2012

Commended: The Sunday Times British Homes Awards 2012

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