Quinta Do Lago Elegance

The complete renovation of this holiday home in the Algarve created an all-year-round retreat for its owners and their guests.

Purchased in the late 90s, this holiday villa quickly turned into a home-from-home for this UK-based family.  The more time they spent in it, the more the realised it needed an architectural, technological and interiors revamp to bring it into the 21st century and answer some new questions of living.  Yet it was important to our clients that they retained the spirit of the original home and the connection with the vernacular architectural style they had fallen in love with.

Working closely with Netos Construtores and architect Jaime Coutinho, local materials and traditional craftsmanship were combined with clean modern design to construct a truly unique transitional villa. It connects old and new, inside with outside, technology with tradition.

A cool and muted palette adds to the sense of understated luxury and keeps the temperature constant throughout the year.


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