A New Brand Partner: Gabriel Scott, The Geometric Gems

In the age of organic shapes and hand-blown glass their geometric gems cannot fail to attract attention.

I first met founders (and brothers-in-law) Gabriel and Scott in New York around 10 years ago. Their settings look almost like large-scale jewellery — an amazing contrast to the organic softness that we have become used to seeing.

A Few of My Favourites

Gabriel Scott Lighting Luna Series with Luna Chandelier in situ image
The Luna Series

Taking inspiration from, and giving gentle reference to, the moon, the aptly named Luna series is a collection that comprises of sculptural forms, coloured blown glass and refracted light. The stunning effect created as a result, emits a soft and diffused glow, reminiscent of the glow that radiates like a halo around the moon on a dark night. The lighting systems in this series are highly customisable, stacking and combining a range of different coloured glass additions and then assembling in either a vertical or horizontal suspension.

Gabriel Scott Lighting Myriad Series with Myriad Chandelier 7 Vertical in situ image
The Myriad Series

Reminiscent of blossoming trees, the Myriad series combines a soft and natural glow, with engineered and sharp precision. The series juxtaposes angular arms and pivoting joints of the metal frame with the diffused, warm luminosity of its double-blown glass tips. The series highlights the relationship between craftsmanship and engineering and the striking outcome that can be achieved, as a result.

Gabriel Scott Lighting featuring Harlow Chandelier (Large) in satin copper and white glass in situ image
The Harlow Series

The Harlow series radiates glamour and refinement through its use of sparkling prisms, jewel-esque glass and metal frame encasing. Available in wall scone, chandelier and pendant, the series provides luxury and elegance suitable for a variety of projects and lighting requirements. From the understated wall scone to the showstopper chandelier, we love this series for its combination of sculptural presence and delicate aesthetic considerations, like treasures in a jewellery box.

Gabriel Scott Logo

Across the peaceful ocean, a thirty-thousand square-foot studio in Montreal’s historic Garment District used to house two visionary founders, Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler. A tour-de-force concoction of architecture, industrial design, and jewellery-making — this incredible medley of skillsets is evident in each of their designs. From the structural composition of a frame, to the details of how a piece is built; from the elegant, geometric, crystalline styling of a hanging pendant to the colour of the hand-blown glass: these are heirloom pieces to cherish. The next chapter of the company sees two become one, with the company now in the sole hands of Scott.

Gabriel Scott Lighting Welles Series Welles Double Blown Glass Pendant in white, Smoked Grey and California Pink Finishing in situ image
The Welles Pendant

Singular pendants, but by no means lacking in design and engineering, these individually hung lights embody a complex design process. Each light features a coloured glass blown inside a clear glass envelope, which allows for a soft diffusion of filtered light to pass through its translucent aspects. The result is that of a sparkling gem, which can be suspended on its own or in a cluster with other pendants, to create a glistening display. Available in smoked black, alabaster white and California pink glass, with a range of hardware colours, the Welles pendant allows for infinite possibilities.

Gabriel Scott Lighting Welles Series with Welles Steel Double Head Sconce in situ image
The Welles Sconce

The Welles Double Blown Glass sconce is a twist on the pendant in the same series. Fitted to the wall, this polygonal shape features polished, crisp edges and uses the double blown glass technique, to achieve a layered and clever method for diffusing light. Available in a selection of coloured glass and hardware colours.

“We are absolutely delighted to welcome Gabriel Scott to the family of Tollgard brand partners.”
Staffan Tollgård Founder and Creative Director