From their native Vancouver, designers Lukas Peet and Caine Heintzman founded ANDlight together with Matt Davis in 2014 with the simple intention of creating beautiful lighting that is made honestly and authentically, every step of the way.

Having been introduced to the co-founders at New York’s ICFF, Staffan is proud to represent their work through the Tollgard London showrooms: “ANDlight’s designs have an amazing level of visual impact; yet are still technically flawless. They produce exceptional quality light for the workplace and home, without sacrificing their aesthetic, which is always bold, and a little playful”.

Three of Staffan’s favourite pieces, selected for the Tollgard London showrooms, are table lamps.  The iconic Orbit table lamp draws inspiration from the original light source, the sun, and takes the form of an opalescent glass globe encircled by an elegant wire structure. The Pipeline table lamp balances upright on a mirrored base, as if floating, and emits a gentle beam of vertical light through a specially developed LED diffuser. The Spotlight table lamp, part of the celebrated Spotlight series, follows a classic shape but innovates by using dimmable and energy-efficient LED to cast an incandescent glow.

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