Bieke Casteleyn

Rejecting conformity for innovation, Belgian interior designer Bieke Casteleyn created her contemporary collection, Bieke Casteleyn_shapingobjects in 2015. Equipped with a sophisticated curiosity and passion for refinement, she began to form her philosophy at Sint Lucas School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium. She later went on to further develop this alternative perspective through the Out of Line collection. Why does a table need to be round, oval, or square? In answer to this question, Bieke Casteleyn chose to defy traditional shapes in favour of something out of the ordinary.

The organic forms she dreamt to life prove to be more than just beautiful pieces of art. Soft, subtle, and inviting, each table is a bespoke creation that focuses on elevating the living experience. Hand-made in Belgium, each table is created using a cement-based plaster technique that is carefully applied in several layers. This labour of love bears fruit as each piece is formed with a natural and imperfect character. These functional sculptures are rooted in connection, helping people to explore objects in new ways. Each smooth surface adds a touch of calm to the space whilst helping it flow organically.

Founders Monique & Staffan Tollgård fell in love with the soft contours of Bieke’s collection and were keen to share this exciting perspective with the London design community. A selection of Out of Line pieces is now available to discover at our Chelsea showroom.

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