BOMMA transforms interiors with handcrafted sculptural lighting that creates a distinct mood in each space – from eye-catching centrepieces and installations to soft ambient light. The company is renowned for its signature design that creates a sense of grace and delight. This minimalist, yet daring, aesthetic is appreciated by international architects and interior designers and quickly gained recognition in the design world.

Imagine strolling along the shore, collecting pebbles that serve as silent witnesses to cherished memories and beloved destinations. Inspired by the enchanting diversity of these natural treasures, BOMMA’s latest collection beckons you to unleash your creativity.  Boris Klimek, the creative mind behind the magic, is a maestro of product and interior design. With a keen eye for conceptual overlaps, playful narratives, and poetic expressions, Klimek infuses each creation with a touch of whimsy that transcends mere functionality, stimulating the imagination and stirring the soul.

Michaela Tomiskova and Jakub Jandourek established DECHEM studio in Prague in 2012. Emerging from their shared experiences at the Novy Bor School of Glass, the studio’s focus on product design, particularly in the realm of glass, is evident in their latest endeavour, the Divina collection for BOMMA. Characterized by a fusion of artistic poetry and strict minimalism, these luminaires boast refined colour gradients that evoke a timeless elegance and dreamy serenity. Inspired by the concept of a spherical glass body with delicate colour shifts, Divina lights effortlessly infuse any interior with a soft, ambient glow, showcasing DECHEM’s commitment to crafting emotionally resonant yet visually striking pieces.

BOMMA’s sculptural lighting transcends mere functionality, inviting us to explore the interplay of light, form, and imagination in our living spaces.

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