Buster & Punch

It’s difficult to find another brand that feels as rock-and-roll as British makers, Buster & Punch. In the time-honoured tradition of many a rockstar, founder Massimo Buster Minale began to perfect his craft from his East London garage, building custom motorbikes. Trained as an architect, he realized his passion for reinventing the everyday, working rare metals into extraordinary objects that sang with captivating detail. Inspired by the edge and appeal of London’s fashion, music and sub-culture scenes, the brand has continued to break the rules, bringing to life an album of furniture, fittings and accessories that hit the right note every time.  

Collaborating with rockstars, chefs and creatives across the globe, part of what makes Buster & Punch so special is its ability to keep you guessing. Each new creation sparks conversation and intrigue, whilst seamlessly preserving the signature Buster style. From the symbolic skull collection designed with iconic musician and producer Travis Barker, to the brand’s latest collection FAT CANDLE, designed with British Michelin chef Tom Seller, there is a constant and relentless pursuit of the unexpected.  

Each vision is brought to life with exacting precision using the rarest solid metals. The brand’s lustrous library of finishes includes steel, brass and bronze forged into smoked and burnt hues. Durability and drama go hand-in-hand as pendants, door handles and light switches are given an elevated appearance and memorable feel. 

For founders Staffan & Monique Tollgård, Buster & Punch offers a departure from traditional aesthetics to create a new kind of contemporary expression – one that is expressive yet precise. Through this new lens, metal is seen at its best. Smaller signatures like the Pendant and Forked lights are complemented by larger design statements like the iconic Buster & Punch kitchen and Rockstar Whisky bar.  

As they continue to forge into the future and the world of Buster & Punch grows, one thing becomes resoundingly clear. This is a brand dedicated to mastering its craft – perfecting the rules only to then break them – with every confidence that what it will give life to, will endure and express endlessly.  

Buster & Punch is now available through Tollgard showrooms. Please get in touch with the team to find out more.   

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