Byarums Bruk

Byarums Bruk is a Swedish design company that creates outdoor furniture, planters and accessories. Its creations live in parks and gardens across the Nordic region, and beyond.

A deep reverence for the traditional art of foundry runs through the Byarums Bruk business. For 65 years, it has used time-honoured techniques to keep this ancient craft alive and well in its own forgery, while innovating through its use of well-considered materials. Since its foundation by the Bokinge brothers in 1947, Byarums Bruk has pioneered the use of cast aluminium, rather than the more traditional cast iron.

Not only do aluminium’s characteristics make it perfect for use outdoors (it is less brittle than iron, weighs less when cold, and it does not rust). It is also a more sustainable metal: aluminium is in almost limitless natural supply and can be recycled infinitely.

Years of collaboration and creativity have built Byarums Bruk’s unrivalled collection of outdoor furniture, available through Tollgard’s London showrooms. Today, the business continues to collaborate, working with a family of designers including Signe Persson-Melin, Mårten Cyrén and Jesper Ståhl to bring new designs to life through this extraordinary craft.

Please contact our showrooms if there is a particular product you are interested in, as we regularly update our displays.

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