Finn Juhl furniture

The father of Danish design, Finn Juhl, initially wanted to become an art historian. However, his family wouldn’t allow a career in the arts. Instead, he enrolled at the Department of Architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. He began his studies in the 1930s, which was an important period in furniture design when modern design started to emerge. While he was still a student, he started working with the prominent Danish architect Vilhelm Lauritzen. And because he was kept very busy at work, he actually never finished his studies. Despite this, he received the honour of becoming a member of the Academic Architect Society in 1942, and later in life, he became a visiting professor at the Institute of Design in Chicago.

In 2001 the Danish Company One Collection was trusted with the exclusive rights to manufacture and relaunch Finn Juhl’s sculptural and iconic furniture.

We have welcomed into our showroom the Chieftains Chair, which is one of Finn Juhl’s absolute masterpieces designed at the peak of his career. When it was presented in 1949, the Chieftain Chair marked a renewal of Danish furniture design. The designer picked up vital inspiration from the contemporary art scene of the time as well as art and tools from ancient cultures. His masterpieces from the 1940’s and especially The Chieftains Chair became of decisive importance for the breakthrough of Danish design in the USA in the 50’s.

Another furniture piece of this Danish design brand which is a part of our showroom display is the 109 Chair in walnut and black leather. This unique chair features exceptional details such as the uniquely detailed armrests. Perfectly shaped to fit a hand, the armrest’s curves and angles are completed with a hollowing at the tip, for a tactile element.

The organically shaped elegant three-legged Eye Table features an expertly crafted walnut frame and tabletop. Fitting seamlessly into any space, the Eye Table would enhance any room as a side table for a lamp, a vase of flowers or a pile of books.

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