Sweden’s oldest furniture maker, Gemla, confidently presents a collection of furniture that feels rooted in tradition but not trapped by it. Their workshop can be found in the small village of Diö by the river Helgeå, surrounded by beech forests. Inside, they have spent the last 160 years learning the language of wood, refining their craft and their mastery of it.

Inspired by the landscape that surrounds them, they work to showcase the beauty of the material in ways before unseen. From elegant armchairs to hockey sticks and tennis rackets, their portfolio can simply be defined as evocative, timeless, and beautifully made. Their unique perspective has invited collaborations with some of Sweden’s biggest talents, including Carl Bergsten, Jonas Bohlin and FRONT Studio Architects. The brand has successfully blurred the lines between residential and commercial, making it a favourite for interior designers across the globe. Designs from the collection can be found in some of the world’s most eminent restaurants, hotels, and residential properties.

Gemla’s palette of solid beech, ash and naturally tanned leather or textiles gives it an organic aesthetic and natural feel. An element of design that is thoughtfully conceived and that gets better with time. It is also inherently sustainable, a philosophy which is deeply rooted in the brand’s DNA and continues to define its choices.

Iconic designs like the GEMLA Open and Vilda 5 caught the eyes of our founder, Staffan Tollgård, with their contemporary expressions and impeccable craftsmanship. Soft curves created in wood are contrasted by creative signatures crafted with vegetable-tanned leather. These sculptural designs now join the curated collection of future heirlooms at the Tollgard Showroom and are available to view at our Chelsea showroom.

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