Giorgetti furniture

The able and patient hands of artisans shape wood, piece after piece, at their work stations for this luxury italian furniture makers. In the air you can smell the sweet perfume of the raw material which harks back to carpentry workshops of long ago. This is the atmosphere you can find at the Giorgetti furniture factories. The company founded in 1898 in Meda, Brianza, as an artisan woodworking laboratory.

Giorgetti furniture collections arise from the craft tradition along with the industriousness of unique furniture and the high quality of workmanship. The true leitmotif of collection is wood, the expensive element of the company, was formed and worked in innovative ways without ever departing from the fine traditional cabinetmaker.

The wood has been enhanced by the inserts in other materials over the years. Leather, metal, glass and textile, which are natural and precious, in many textures and colours. Similarly, the elements are processed and combined with taste, elegance and attention to the details. In order to ensure the customers a timeless product that goes beyond fashion.

Giorgetti furniture’s excellence can be seen in the ability to match iconic pieces, for instance, the Spring desk chair, designed by Massimo Scolari in 1992, the Zeno writing desk, again designed by Scolari in 1994 and the Progetti chair line designed by the Giorgetti Research Centre in 1987 are all prime examples of this luxury italian furniture brand.

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