Finn Juhl furniture

The ‘father of Danish design’, Finn Juhl trained as an architect in Copenhagen during the 1930s; an era that saw the emergence of modern design.

Before completing his studies, Juhl found his calling in furniture design. His passion for modern art was immediately apparent in the bold curves of his work, and he became one of the leading figures in the development of Danish design in furniture. He is credited with having introduced Danish design to America during the 1950s.

Today, the House of Finn Juhl by OneCollection exclusively manufactures his sculptural and iconic furniture. More than 40 of his classic masterpieces are crafted to the most exacting standards, with the utmost respect for their original heritage.

Tollgard is proud to represent Finn Juhl at its London showrooms. Among the pieces available is the Chieftain chair,  “France chair and 109 chair” which is one of the designer’s most celebrated pieces, designed at the peak of his career. When it was presented in 1949, it marked a renewal of Danish furniture design.

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