Juniper Lighting

From an elegantly poised desk lamp to a shape-shifting array of LEDs, Juniper’s lighting creations are made with a mission in mind: to completely transform a space by blending in, standing out, or creating ambiance.

Juniper Lighting Design, the Brooklyn-based studio started in 2011 after its founder, Shant Madjarian, left a career in finance to apply the skills he learned there to an endeavor he cared about. From a small team with a big passion for design, it has soon become a well-known design and manufacturing studio for lighting and one of the early pioneers of the burgeoning Brooklyn contemporary lighting scene.  Honesty, passion, and craftsmanship are fundamental in their quest to bring upscale architectural lighting to homes, offices, and hospitality spaces worldwide. And by integrating design with the technology they create innovative illumination solutions. With a keen eye for design and smart, functional pieces, they have focused their brand on reducing stress on the environment by incorporating natural finishes and materials into every product. To minimize its environmental footprint, each product is designed to offer an integrated LED light source, setting the brand at the forefront of eco-friendly modern furnishings.

Having already received multiple awards, the team at Juniper Lighting Design will surely continue to provide elegantly crafted and uniquely sourced products.

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