Karakter is a Danish design brand specialising in the production of furniture, lighting, and interior objects. Karakter seeks out designs that are out of the ordinary—from designers who have already written the history of design to those who aspire to write the future. All the designers presented by Karakter Copenhagen are handpicked for their ideas and creativity and shared by all of them is an inspiring level of productivity and an uncompromising take on their work. Something that is also fundamental for Karakter and their design choices.

In Staffan Tollgard showroom we are proud to present some of the supreme Karakter furniture and lighting pieces.

The Chair 300. Joe Colombo believed in democratic and functional design. His fascination with functionality meant he always focused on the user, which lead him to create a chair, which was strong, comfortable, and characteristic. A vast collection of leathers from Sørensen Leather and textiles from Kvadrat can be used for Chair 300 in combination with all three frame finishes.

Libreria Pensile. Originally designed in 1957, perfected over the years, and produced by Bernini in 1966. Seeking to pare down the structure of a bookcase to the absolute minimum, Castiglioni decided to hang the shelves on knots in two cords fixed to a single point on the wall. 50 years after it was launched it is still relevant, elegant, and very Castiglioni.

The Lab light table. The design of this table lamp came about from a genuine fascination with laboratory equipment and with all those fantastic clamps and levers — the perfect place to start designing a multi-functional lamp. The base is porcelain, the stem is painted steel, and the lampshade and rotating arm is brass.

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