La Manufacture

The worlds of French style and Italian craft collide at La Manufacture. With art director Luca Ninchetto at the helm, this multi-disciplinary brand brings to light the best of both realms. Delectable designs of furniture, lighting and accessories, rich in colour and character, sit in waiting at their Parisian boutique. La Manufacture brings together the best designers from across the globe with a design manifesto that seeks to find the je ne sais quoi in everything from furniture to fashion.

It includes established figures like France’s Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, Swedish design studio Front, Sebastian Herkner from Germany, Swiss atelier and American designer Marc Thorpe – alongside many more. Each designer brings a unique perspective to the brand’s collection, creating pieces that feel connected in their approach but decidedly different in their final form.

Works that have caught the attention of founder Staffan Tollgård include the Moro armchair – designed by Sebastian Herkner – a cocooning piece that offers soft proportions and a warm atmosphere. It’s contrasted perfectly by the clean lines and perforated details of the Set side table designed by Marc Thorpe. For Monique Tollgård, the playful character and bold use of colour in the Gardian stool from designer Patrick Nourguet best captures the fusion of French style and Italian craft. Minimalism and colour prove to be essential ingredients in the brand’s language of design, charming and exciting audiences with its elevated simplicity and playfulness.

Arriving at the Tollgard Chelsea showroom in September, La Manufacture will be launched exclusively at FOCUS ‘22.

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