Beautifully embracing the rich heritage of Latin America and Mexico, Luteca specialises in contemporary and modernist design. Founded in New York in 2015 by Amanda and Sébastien Réant, the brand is the first to showcase timeless and handcrafted Mexican design to an international audience. Sustainably produced in Mexico with talented craftsmen, artisan techniques and natural materials, these pieces radiate an architectural warmth that captures the senses.

Bringing attention to the forgotten heroes of the Mexican modernist movement, Luteca’s classic collection features legends like Michael van Beuren, Clara Porset Dumas and Pedro Ramírez Vázquez. Whether through the Bauhaus influence of van Bueren, the fusion of contemporary and traditional vernaculars from Dumas or the focus on cultural iconography from Vázquez, each of these mid-century masters presented a new lens through which to see Mexican design. Luteca’s creative director and founder, Amanda Réant and design director, Jorge Arturo Ibarra, build a bridge to the future with this wealth of design, heritage, and culture within Luteca’s contemporary collection. As they approach each new piece, a distinctive heat, richness, and metropolitan feel come to life.

Tollgard founders Staffan & Monique Tollgård fell in love with this distinctly Mexican combination of contemporary design and immersive craft earlier this year in Paris at the Luteca showroom. Favourites include the Dorcia Daybed – an inviting and architectural piece that encourages connection. It makes a subtle statement about form and function working in unison. The Line Lounge chair is another treasured piece – upon its beautifully crafted legs rests a richly comfortable upholstered seat – a beautiful chair that is rich in character and rooted in craft.

Ultimately, Luteca proves itself to be authentic yet innovative from every angle. From its appreciation and understanding of the past, to its dedication and enthusiasm for the future, this marriage of traditional Latin American and contemporary European design is a wonderful match.

Luteca will be exclusively launched at the Tollgard showroom for FOCUS’22.

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