Malte Gormsen

Honouring centuries of Danish craft and design culture, Malte Gormsen’s eponymous company makes cabinetry and furniture that stands the test of time. He began his design journey with master cabinet-maker Niels Roth Andersen, carefully crafting works for Danish design masters Finn Juhl and Vestergaard-Jensen. Twenty years on, Malte Gormsen has perfected his language of design, working with residential and commercial clients around the globe.

From his workshop in Herlev just outside Copenhagen, Malte’s team of twenty talented craftsmen meticulously source each piece of wood, brass, zinc, and ceramic to imbue a sense of spirit. Combining traditional techniques with innovative technology, they push the limits of design. Collaboration is part of the brand’s DNA as they work closely with each client to create bespoke solutions that meet their individual needs. No two pieces are the same for this team, and their approach is always unwavering.

Tollgard showroom founder Staffan Tollgård was fascinated by the MG404 vases. Designed by Space Copenhagen, they highlight the organic splendour of stone. Hand-finished in Italy, each piece is delicately polished by skilled craftsmen to preserve the stone’s natural beauty. For Monique Tollgård, the MG207 table wowed with its elegant legs and soft arches. Skillfully finished with seven surface treatments, the result is a versatile piece of furniture that feels effortlessly elegant in its appeal.

From exquisite furniture to intricate accessories, Malte Gormsen’s portfolio of future heirlooms is a wonder to behold: a true testament to Denmark’s dedication to bespoke design and impeccable craftsmanship.

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