Man of Parts

Founded by design aficionado Stephan Weishaupt, Man of Parts launched in 2019 with a considered edit of 27 pieces of furniture and lighting. Rather than representing a particular aesthetic, the brand reflects the attitudes of its customers; global citizens for whom travel and exploration is a way of life.

Hailing from Munich and a long line of craftspeople, entrepreneurs, architects and artists, Stephan’s philosophy centres around the notion that we need few items, but that what we do have should be beautifully made and enhance the way we live. In collaboration with a close group of design partners, he has created a capsule collection to improve the time we spend at home.

French Jacques Guillon, Brazillian Osvaldo Tenório and German Sebastian Herkner are some of the international names that have collaborated with Stephan Weishaupt to create Man of Parts. These global perspectives are central to the brand’s outlook, which is ‘post-national’ in its approach to design.

Man of Parts’ collection of seating, tables, lighting and accessories is available through Tollgard’s London showrooms. Please contact us if there is a particular piece you are interested in, as our displays are updated regularly.

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