Since 2003 Niche has established a signature collection of stunning modern lighting products by joining together contrasting elements, simple lines, and gorgeous colours.

There are over twenty different pendant shapes, ranging from the simplicity of an orb to more angular and geometric configurations and they also offer an array of luxurious glass colors by melting the most pristine raw materials to make the highest quality transparent glass lighting.

Every Niche product is handmade in Beacon, New York, by experienced and talented glass artisans. Each silhouette begins with a sketch from Jeremy Pyles, co-founder and Creative Director. After the pendants are hand-blown in their state-of-the-art Hot Shop, they are inspected, cut, drilled, ground and polished by hand in their Cold Shop to ensure our standard of excellence.

We at Tollgard are proud to say that we are the exclusive partner for Niche the UK and we look forward to spreading this beautiful range of hand blown and colourful lights to project throughout UK and Europe.


“I want everything that I design to be more than just an object. I want it to be part of people’s daily lives. Those beautiful things would not just be accessories to those moments, but part of those moments, to actually illuminate them.”

-Jeremy Pyles, CEO


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