Occhio Lighting

Occhio lighting is one of the most innovative companies in the lighting industry and Germany market leader in the field of high-quality design luminaires. Established in 1999 in the heart of Munich by Axel Meise, Occhio (Italian for “eye”) draws from a simple idea: Good light equals a good quality of life.

Acting on this belief, the self-taught Meise started a product revolution that turned the existing state of affairs on its head. The comprehensive, multi-functional luminaire system excited consumers from the very beginning with its striking design and excellent light quality. Occhio lighting has now a unique position on the market and is among the most successful lighting companies in recent years.

Occhio connects spaces and enables uniform lighting designs to be used throughout entire buildings. Thanks to sophisticated technology, comprehensive, world-class light presentations can be created through individual configurations. The company’s philosophy is defined in part by the desire to enable people to become their own lighting designers.

Everything changes permanently. Nothing stays as it was. Because only what evolves has continuous existence – like Occhio. Focusing on an idea and a system leads to unique attention to detail and depth in product quality. Providing the perfect solution for every spatial situation and requirement – that is what motivates them. Every day anew.

Mito, the masterpiece, suspended, height-adjustable luminaires for a continuously adjustable colour temperature unites exquisite design with the ultimate in innovation. The characteristics cut gives Mito its unparalleled and revolutionary lighting technology lets you direct the luminaire as if by magic.

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