Occhio Lighting

Self-taught lighting designer Axel Meise founded Occhio in 1999 in his native Munich. His vision, from the outset, was to enable others to be able to design their own homes; to democratise the design process. His belief is that good lighting equals a good quality of life, and has dedicated himself to pioneering new and better ways of lighting the spaces we live in.

Occhio’s signature is modular lighting systems. Simply and consistently designed, they connect spaces and enable uniform lighting designs to be used throughout entire buildings, creating a sense of openness and flow.

Floor, table, pendant, ceiling, wall and outdoor lighting solutions are designed under four simple series, and can be configured in a number of ways to ensure that they always meet the individual needs of a space.

To learn more about Occhio’s pioneering lighting solutions, visit Tollgard’s London showrooms. Please contact us if there is a particular design you are interested in, as our display collection is regularly changed and updated.

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