O&G Studio

An homage to American tradition, O&G Studio has been designing and crafting modern heirloom pieces in Rhode Island since 2009. Its extensive collection of hand-built Windsor inspired chairs is a lesson in simplicity and a testament to the power of enduring, timeless design.

Founded by friends Jonathan Glatt and Sarah Ossana, O&G Studio is fresh and future-facing in its approach to design, taking notes from the past and reinventing the classics for modern living.

A team of 20 in Warren, Rhode Island, hand-build each item of O&G Studio furniture. Over time, the solid wood and ‘live’ metal finishes begin to show their age, developing a mellow patina that lends each piece a unique character. O&G Studio designs are built to last a lifetime.

A go-to for its signature Windsor-inspired chairs, O&G Studio also creates tables, lounge furniture, beds and mirrors, as well as lighting and hardware. Visit Tollgard’s London showrooms to discover more. Please contact us if there is a particular piece you are interested in, as our display collection is regularly changed and updated.

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