Piet Boon Collection

Designer Piet Boon’s eponymous studio in the Netherlands combines architecture, interior, and product design. It strives to strike the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality. Since its foundation in 1999, Piet Boon Studio has become a globally recognised name and a byword for understated, comfortable luxury.

Piet Boon Collection is the Studio’s furniture line. Its creations; seating, tables, cabinets, lighting, carpets, doors and hardware are created bespoke for individual projects, yet all bear the brand’s unmistakable hallmarks. Shape, texture and colour are carefully and cleverly balanced to achieve a sense of richness, yet simplicity. Each piece crafted by Piet Boon Collection adds a tangible refinement to a living space; comfort, ease, generous proportions and exquisite finishes all in signature colour palette.

To learn more about Piet Boon Collection, visit Tollgard’s London showrooms. Please contact us if there are particular items you are interested in, as our display collection is regularly changed and updated.

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