Rich, Brilliant, Willing is an award-winning, independent design and manufacturing studio that believes in the ability of light to shape and enhance our sense of wellbeing. For RBW, light can bring a sense of optimism to a room, energise and motivate a workspace, or help a home to relax and unwind at the end of a day.

Working out of its own studio and factory in Industry City, Brooklyn, RBW is a brand for architects and designers looking for a higher quality of light. The team behind the brand are passionate pioneers in LED technology, and RBW is helping to inform the future of LED through its own research and innovation.

Through its collection of luminaries which includes ceiling pendants, chandeliers and flush fixtures, wall sconces and outdoor solutions, RBW is helping to bring warm, energy efficient LED lighting to more public and private spaces all over the world, from the ACE Hotels, to NOMA Copenhagen, to Fortune 500 company offices.

To learn more about RBW, visit Tollgard’s London showrooms. Please contact us if there are particular items you are interested in, as our display collection is regularly changed and updated.

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