Founded by Simon James & Scott Bridgens in 2011, Resident is a New Zealand-based collection offering furniture and lighting that is rooted in innovation and sustainability. They form part of the ‘New World Luxury’ movement, a collection of brands from the Southern Hemisphere rooted in sustainable design. They focus on pieces that are made to last and enhance the every day, a departure from material attitudes of the past. Seamlessly working across high-end residential and commercial projects, Resident’s portfolio offers quiet refinement and a contemporary edge.

To bring each piece to life, they look to a network of established makers from across the globe – from a specialist lighting production team in Auckland, to the world’s finest timber joiners in Lithuania, and boutique upholstery workshops in London, Los Angeles, and Melbourne. Resident’s roster of designers includes Léonard Kadid, Philippe Malouin, Simon James, Jamie McLellan as well as many other recognized design talents. Experimenting with new technologies and innovative craft, this talented collective presents exciting new works that challenge tradition across the realms of industrial design, architecture, furniture design and sculpture. For Tollgard founders, Staffan & Monique Tollgård, thoughtfully designed and beautifully constructed pieces like the Odin Chair and Circus floor light prove to be easy favourites. Odin with its marriage of Scandinavian and Japanese design cultures feels harmonious in form and effortless in its expression. Inspired by the interlinking rings of jewellery, Circus features polished brass rings of light hanging delicately from a minimal structure – the result is as decorative as it is illuminating.

What is palpable in all of Resident’s work is a dedication to innovative craft and sustainable design, making it a brand for the future.

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