Skram Furniture

Crafted with a deep awareness of their impact on the planet, SKRAM’s furniture, lighting and accessories are a lesson in considered, sustainable, enduring design. Founded in North Carolina by Jacob Marks, SKRAM creates its products from sustainably sourced North American hardwood and other natural materials such as metal, veneer, leather and stone.

SKRAM describes its products as a ‘distillation of the essential’. They are restrained, minimal and elegant; prioritising the consequences that their production has on our community, and on the natural world. It is the hope of Jacob Marks that by creating truly lasting design, SKRAM can inspire others to examine their choices about the objects with which they surround themselves, and to choose quality and durability over trends of fashion and disposability.

Seating, tables, beds, lighting and accessories are skillfully crafted through a combination of machine precision and the human hand. In the making process, natural imperfections in the raw materials are cherished and preserved; the beauty of the natural world is brought together with extraordinary craftsmanship to give SKRAM’s creations their inimitable character.

Tollgard is proud to showcase a selection of SKRAM’s designs in its London showrooms. Please contact us if there is a particular piece you are interested in, as our displays are updated regularly.

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