Thayer Coggin

Since its foundation in 1953, Thayer Coggin has manufactured some of the world’s finest upholstered furniture. The brand’s aesthetic has been timelessly modern since its inception; some of its earliest creations, designed by award-winning Milo Baughman, were pioneering mid-century pieces of their time yet remain as relevant as ever today.

During its 67 year history, Thayer Coggin has established and preserved a way of working that is unique within the furniture making industry. Each and every piece of Thayer Coggin furniture is made by hand, from start to finish, by a single craftsperson. This obsessional level of control is what ensures the unmatched quality and durability of Thayer Coggin’s furniture, and what sets it apart.

From its base in North Carolina, Thayer Coggin makes each piece of furniture to order. Designs are fully customisable, and Thayer Coggin’s in-house library of fabrics and finishes is extensive. Materials are selected for their quality, and handled with the greatest care and expertise to produce an exceptional collection of sofas, sectionals, modular furniture, dining and lounge chairs.

Tollgard’s London showrooms are proud to represent Thayer Coggin. Please contact us if there are particular items you are interested in, as our display collection is regularly changed and updated.

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