TOKEN furniture

New York based Will Kavesh and Nicole Cornell founded Token NYC in 2007. Informed by Will’s background as a sculptor, painter and engineer, the studio creates modern American furniture that is meticulously crafted with an unwavering attention to detail.

Engaging forms, luxury materials and finishes, and innovative manufacturing techniques are the benchmarks of Token NYC’s work. Aesthetic and artistic rigour runs throughout the collection, which is uncompromising. A unique, multi-layered design process is followed by a combination of contemporary manufacturing and hands-on craftsmanship to create an exquisite collection of furniture.

American hardwoods, intricate marquetry veneer patterns and studio machined hardware are expertly handled to produce casework, tables and seating that bears an unmistakable aesthetic. Token NYC’s work is a celebration of hardwood, with strikingly modernist designs in sculptural forms balancing beautifully with the wood’s eye-catching grains and hues.

Tollgard’s London showrooms proudly showcase Token NYC’s work, including our favourite Catenary and Diego collection chairs. Please contact us if there is a particular item you are interested in, as our displays are updated regularly.

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