Skram believes that the objects that surround us are a reflection of our priorities.  The Company rejects the idea of obsolescence and the implication that the useful life of an object must be limited by aesthetic or structural resilience.

They are instead committed to a deeper interpretation of sustainability, one that emphasizes fine workmanship, austerity, innovation in process and in design, and attentiveness to the consequences of production on the community and the natural world.

Their products are a distillation of the essential.  They are a negotiation of beauty, utility and durability.  With each object, they embark on a measured refinement to find its core, which is then expressed through a coalescence of form, line, proportion and materiality.

Skram products seek perfection and embrace imperfection, striving for the highest level of craftsmanship while embracing the subtle imperfections that imbue an object with character.

From a core emphasis on solid timber manufacturing, they use natural materials such as metal, hardwood veneer, leather and stone, blending traditional techniques with innovative fabrication processes to balance machined precision with the maker’s hand.

Based in the Piedmont region of North Carolina since 2001, Skram strives to create products of such enduring value that they encourage others to examine their choices and the objects with which they surround themselves and choose timeless beauty and quality over trends of fashion and disposability.

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