Eberhart at Tollgard Design Group

Concrete tables? Danish led design and production company Eberhart specialise in raw and stylish concrete table tops. 


We all know about polished concrete flooring, concrete kitchen islands however less so concrete tables? Danish company Eberhart Furniture create unique modern contemporary furniture such as the concrete table Hector & the coffee table Daphne; their objective is to produce original; high quality furniture that pays tribute to the beauty of raw materials and in doing so the designs are kept clean & simple allowing the materials to come into their own without losing their original expression.

eberhart founders

Eberhart Furniture was founded when cousins’ Esben & Rune gained inspiration from their grandfather; who passed on his knowledge & skills as a craftsman and reputable architect & carpenter.
The school holidays were particularly poignant for Rune & Esben who would play around in the beautiful surrounding nature or above all in their grandfathers workshop. In the founding of Eberhart the cousins have carried this refuge, enlightenment and knowledge with them.

The Eberhart Concrete Furniture Range

The Hector Dining Table: As above its part of the Eberhart ring collection meaning its made from 3 different elements; pictured is the black grey concrete tabletop, black oiled oak legs and massive brass assembly ring. The table is available with extra leaves to extend the size & make room for more people; a sure favourite amongst the Tollgard team!

eberhart daphne side table

The Daphne Side Table: The first product ever presented by Eberhart Furniture & is part of the Eberhart Ring Collection. All tables in the ring collection consists of three diffierent elements; A tabletop of concrete or oak, legs of massive oak, and an assembly ring in powder painted steel or brass.


The Arn Dining Table: With its clean and sharp definition; The Arn Table is best suited with plenty of space around it; showcasing its grandeur and the perfect choice for when you wish to leave a strong impression. Designed to function as an entity to gather around; for big decisions at the workplace, or as the foundation for great dining experiences. The table is therefore subsequently a statement that underlines the conscious style of its owner.

We’ve been so impressed with Eberhart, the designs are sensibly priced so they can suit both commercial and residential budgets.  The materials are of a really high standard and they combine them in such a way that it provides great flexibility to suit most briefs.  Plus, they are a joy to work with and their unique heritage always strikes a good tone with our clients.

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