Introducing Tollgard Cocktail Hour: Italian Classics

Join us on this new journey across cultures and continents.

Welcome to Tollgard Cocktail hour!

Over the last twenty-something years, Monique and Staffan Tollgård have travelled all over the world, exploring a wealth of inspiration, inspiring cultures, and great design along the way. En route, they have also discovered some amazing cocktails – and as part of this new series, they will be sharing their favourite drinks and the memories they hold.

Beginning in Italy with  Monique’s favourite Italian cocktail, Aperol Spritz – which can only be described as sunshine in a glass. Staffan follows up by creating a true Italian classic – Negroni.

See full recipes below:


Monique's Aperol Spritz
– Large Wine Glass
– Stirring spoon

– Fill glass with large pieces of ice.
– Pour 3 parts of Italian prosecco into your glass.
– Add 2 parts or 60 ml of Aperol to your glass.
– Add a splash of water soda.
– Mix everything together and add a slice of fresh orange to finish.


Staffan's Classic Negroni
– Large Tumbler
– Stirring spoon

– Fill glass with as much ice as possible.
– Pour 30ml of gin into your glass.
– Add 30ml of Campari and stir.
– Add 30ml of vermouth and stir again.
– Finish with a fresh slice of orange.

Stay tuned for more episodes – coming soon!