Knightsbridge Townhouse bathroom design shortlisted for 2012 Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards

This Knightsbridge town house had originally been designed by a property developer intent on selling. Our brief was to add glamour, elegance and sophistication to the house, especially in the master suite and the reception and dining rooms. Key to Staffan Tollgård Design Group’s philosophy is the Scandinavian notion of the ‘red thread’.

The thread is the guiding principle of creative endeavour and what ultimately gives each design we work on a sense of coherence and continuity. Be it a work of art, a motif in a fabric or a commitment to a period of design, each of our projects has an unique red thread that tells the client’s story using the language of design. The clients’ love of Art Deco encouraged us to take inspiration from original pieces and design principles for the ‘red thread’ linking the design of this extensive refurbishment.

We are very pleased that the bathroom design is in the final three for the 2012 Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards.

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