LDW/22: Our Highlights

When all the global puzzle pieces come together…

Energy and excitement were palpable at London Design Week this year! We’re happy to share some of our highlights along with a special message from founders Monique & Staffan Tollgård. We’ve loved sharing great designs from across the globe with extraordinary brands like Man of Parts, OKHA, Tacchini and Ceccotti Collezioni.

Thank you to the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour for all their hard work in bringing our community together again, our brand partners for helping us create this showcase of great design and to all our visitors at the showroom.

LDW/22 Tollgard’s Global Puzzle Pieces

It’s not too late to explore our showcase of global puzzle pieces, click on the link below to explore the full list of amazing designs on display.

TALK 1 – More than the sum of its parts: Creativity across the World

Hosted by Livingetc Editor, Pip Rich, the first of our engaging talks looked at how the puzzle pieces of global design come together to produce exceptional results. Joined by renowned designer Sebastian Herkner and Tollgard Showrooms founder Staffan Tollgård, they explore Herkner’s latest pieces for Canadian studio Man of Parts, revealing how creative collaborations work across the world.

TALK 2 – South African Soul

Designer Monique Tollgård and contemporary furniture atelier OKHA explored their shared South African design roots. Design Director Adam Court revealed what makes the nation and its makers so special, delving into OKHA’s unique relationship with local designers, craftspeople, and the material landscape.

If you have any questions regarding the items on display for LDW/22, please get in touch with our showroom team, they would be delighted to help you.