Moroso at Tollgard Design Group Showroom

The story of Moroso is told by both their designs & projects; by people, the protagonists of contemporary living, who tell of their genuine, spontaneous passion for beauty, emotion, design & art.

The Antibodi Armchair is a new shape for a non-padded chair; three-dimensional geometry derived from the cellular genesis of sewn petals using the layout of a graphic structure with a triangular base. The result is a floral explosion, a marvellous symbolic display of fertility.

Antibodi is a life force, the epitome of wonderful yet contradictory charm. The petals, in double sided fabric- felt & baize or baize & leather – create a structural upholstery, which is fixed to the stainless steel frame. The upholstery has a dual personality; welcoming and feminine when the petals face upwards, intentionally severe and matelassé when the petals face down.

The Gogan Sofa takes its name from nature and in particular from the Japanese stones rendered smooth by time and water that provided the inspiration for this project. Gogan, the name given to the Japanese stones placed to protect & embellish the banks of rivers and lakes. The sofa’s form reminds us of flat stones sculpted by wind & water, solid yet smooth enough that you can lie on them.
Just like in rock sculptures; where stones maintain their balance by being carefully positioned & interlocked. It is the shape that maintains the balance between the elements on the Gogan sofa & armchair, which is not overly regular. By playing around with gravity and balance, we can make normally heavy shapes lightweight.

The seats are soft and irregular with the centre of gravity being slightly inclined towards the rear thereby giving exceptional comfort whilst allowing the backrest to be kept lower. The backrest and seat are joined by abutments which lend the sofa a sense of lightness and therefore appears as if it was suspended above the ground.