Rich Brilliant Willing At Tollgard Design Group

Rich Brilliant Willing is a Brooklyn-based studio that designs and manufactures LED fixtures for hospitality, workplace, and residential projects. Incorporated in 2009 by Theo Richardson, Charles Brill and Alexander Williams, the studio has been a pioneering force in the use of LEDs in contemporary design, recognizing its potential to bring both warmth and energy efficiency to everyday life.

rich brilliant willing

Rich Brilliant Willing strongly believe in the power of light to create atmosphere!

Light is a powerful thing. When it comes to hospitality; a warm, welcoming light is what sets us at ease and makes us feel at home. In the workplace, light sets the tone of an employee’s day. The right light lifts the mood, inspires productivity, and motivates us. At home, light enlivens the little things—our morning routines, or the moments we spend with friends. Rich Brilliant Willing believes that nothing is more important in shaping our sense of well-being than the quality of light.

The Hoist Collection

Having identified the out-of-reach electrical outlet as a routine problem; the studios adapted the standard electrical cord as an integral, stylish component of Hoist’s overall design. Swagged and offered with generous cable length, the cord allows greater opportunities for where a pendant light can be installed. The shade is available in a variety of colors and diameters, with a sconce version as well. Waterproof; the highly durable exterior is also suitable for outdoor installation, creating the possibility for a cohesive interior and exterior.

The Gala Collection

Gala is a minimal, near-weightless take on the chandelier, rethought as a simple beam with power cords hidden inside the slim suspension cables. Its ivory-frosted glass fixtures, fixed in a variety of compositions, bring to mind hanging fruit. Voluptuous and handblown, each orb is subtly unique.

The Palindrome Collection

Sculptural & malleable the contortionist Palindrome was built to adapt to its environment. Each installation is unique, thanks to the modular composition of its tubular steel arms. They rotate to the custom configuration dictated by the size and shape of a space, and the light itself adjusts to mirror corresponding moods. At its brightest setting; the chandelier emits the white tones ideal for commercial projects, but once dimmed, Palindrome’s light shifts to the warmer, amber tones best suited for intimate hospitality & residential spaces.

Rich Brilliant Willing provide great technical support and creative flexibility for the design community.

They’re able to provide the Revit 3D BIM Models

In Revit (technical software) lighting fixtures are model elements that are defined by families. We provide specifiers and their clients the ability to visualize RBW products in their space with data rich, Revit families for each of RBW’s product collections. Our face-based Revit families allow for flexible placement within models. Navigate the BIM Revit Library by product collection.  If you need helping using your IES file in Revit, see RBW’s Autodesk’s tutorial on how to specify an IES file for a light source.

20-Day Finishing

The RBW Finish Library offers custom finishing from a curated collection of metal finishing (powder coatings and selected plated finishes and anodized options). Powder coating is available for most aluminium and steel products. Choose from anodized options for aluminium products and plated options for steel products.  Browse their curated collection of powder coated and plated finishes and order a Finish Samples from Tollgard Contracts to get it shipped via same-day express service.

Design Modification

Various dimensional modifications can be accommodated to adapt a standard product either to meet project critical dimensions, or to develop one-of-a-kind custom fixture. The lead time will vary according to the quantity and scope of the project.

Light Engine Substitution / Specification

For larger projects; RBW offer light engine modification to match desired lighting requirement such as increased lumen output, high Color Rendition Index, and super warm or cool CCT outside of our standard range 2700-3500k.

Rich Brilliant Willing sets the standard in how lighting manufactures should operate in the design industry.  The products are so well made; so versatile and applicable for both commercial and residential markets!  Their Website is also class leading with all the technical information, pricing and imagery immediately available.