The Refined Workshop + Tollgard

The Impossible. Made Possible.
Introducing The Wave Collection

GRAVITY. A defiant force of nature, driving objects of mass together. This natural phenomenon serves as the inspiration behind Tollgard’s first collection of functional sculptures for The Refined Workshop. Exploring the gravitational attraction of objects around us, designers Staffan Tollgård and Filippo Castellani were moved to reinterpret convention and push the limits of material traditions.

Discover the impossible in person at The May Fair Hotel

Following a successful preview of the artist proof console in Slovenian stone at FOCUS/21, the Wave Collection has officially launched. A curated exhibition of first edition pieces from the collection takes pride in place in the expansive windows of The May Fair Hotel, London.

Wednesday 13th – Friday 5th November
The May Fair Hotel
Stratton Street, Mayfair, London W1J 8LT
10 am – 6 pm

Please drop by at your earliest convenience — we would be happy to welcome you. For sales enquiries, please contact [email protected]

A juxtaposition of soft curves and inherent strength, The Wave Collection highlights the importance of every surface within a design. These masterpieces bring intrigue to an otherwise overlooked surface – the underside of the tabletop – and are as much about what is absent as what is present. Seamlessly slotting together, the top gently rests on a graduated elliptical base. This collection achieves extraordinary complexity with apparent simplicity.

Beneath the surface of the design lies another story of history and power expressed in the stone itself. Grand Antique, a monochromatic beauty, rich in contrast and character, roots the provenance of these pieces back to the ancient Romans. Formed over millions of years in the valley of the River Lez, in the Ariege region of France, this is the most precious marble in the Pyrenees. From the Roman to the Byzantine Empires, this quarry and its coveted stone have adorned palaces through the centuries.

The Wave Console

The Wave console table expresses an elegant form, impeccably carved into being with one of the most prized natural stones in the world. A masterly combination of great design, authentic craftsmanship and innovative engineering.


The Wave Console

The Wave Bench

The Wave bench sits at the nexus of functional sculpture, inviting physical engagement with a piece of art engineered from one of the most striking and fascinating natural stones in the world.

The Wave Bench

The Wave Collection Brochure

To explore the story of the collaboration in more detail along with all of the items from the collection, please click on the link below to download the Wave Collection brochure.

Click here to discover the Wave Collection Brochure