Tollgard Pop-Up at Chelsea Harbour!

We are excited to announce that Tollgard Design Group are hosting a Pop-Up Showroom at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre this Autumn.

Tollgard Pop-Up at Chelsea Harbour
Pop in to our Pop-Up on the First Floor, Centre Dome

We’ll be showcasing some of our favourite brands including Man of Parts, Ceccotti, &Bespoke, Giorgetti, Meridiani, Tala, Lassvit, Indigenus, Utopia & Utility, exhibiting works by artist Edward Lentsch and featuring finishes by Phillip Jeffries and Calfe Crimmings.

Come and see some of the latest offerings from brands you know, and discover some you may not.

Hosted by the delightful team from the Tollgard Showroom you will always get a warm welcome (and probably a glass of fizz if you ask nicely!) We would be delighted to see you at the Harbour to help us make the most of this beautiful showroom for the time we have it.

Man of Parts: Man of Parts is a brand free to explore, question, and evolve. No longer constrained by borders, styles, or roles, they seek out a diversity of perspectives. A postnational brand with design that reflects the world, enabling it to flow between the varied contexts you create with ease. We’re open-minded by design. A natural ability to compose both harmonious design & relationships has attracted some of the world’s leading designers to collaborate with founder Stephan Weishaupt; embodying a Man of Parts himself, Stephan travels the world in search of unique perspectives for North American retail destination Avenue Road. In curating designs from around the world, he is inspired to bring together global influences under one unified collection. With it, he aims to reflect the lives of globally-minded people.

Ceccotti: Founded in 1956, specializing in the production of residential furniture and in supplying hotels. The company has collaborated with some of the most prestigious hotel groups in the world, Trusthouse Forte from London, Sheraton and Ciga, giving an international application to the traditional artisan workmanship of the Tuscan town of Cascina, where the company is based.

Experimenting with new shapes and materials, influenced by the eclectic and surrealistic world of Gaudi, Mollino and Scandinavian designs of the 1950’s, Ceccotti Collezioni developed objects of organic sinuosity, andromorphic shapes, where soft curves connected with slipping profiles.

Ceccotti Collezioni is unique and recognized all over the world in the field of interior design for the ability to create ‘products of the author’, unique in their originality and constructive complexity, design without ostentation of industrial geometries but also without aesthetic frivolity, with the scope of reconnecting objects to a tradition and to a history.

&Bespoke: &Bespoke work from their creative studio and showroom in Hampshire, they work with the finest craftsmen and producers to create beautiful furniture, lighting and design, tailor-made for your needs.

&Bespoke  have the ability to produce unique designs, complemented by their own collections and will take you on a creative journey through the design and production process.

Established by highly experienced furniture designers and life-long friends, Steven Owens and Roger Bannister, they deliver tailor-made interior products, furniture and projects of the very highest calibre.

“Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, our aim is to create beautiful things together.”

Giorgetti: Giorgetti is a company with a tradition of more than one hundred years and an international flavour. Giorgetti collections arise from the craft tradition and the industriousness of territory: unique furniture, the high quality of workmanship and the selection of materials. The elements of furniture that range from the purely classical style to the modern style, enhanced with the latest collections.

The true leitmotif of collection is wood, the expensive element of the company, was formed and worked in innovative ways without ever departing from the fine traditional cabinetmaker. The wood has been enhanced by the inserts in other materials over the years: leather, metal, glass and textile, which are natural and precious, in many textures and colours. The elements are then processed and combined with taste, elegance and attention to the details in order to ensure the customers a timeless product that goes beyond fashion.

Meridiani: Meridiani was born in 1996 from a simple yet passionate idea: Timeless collections, elegant & without frills, essential but still vivacious, modern but with no compromises with temporary trends. A distinguished style, an inspiring new classic that leaves space for personal interpretation. Furnishings for the living room, the bedroom, the dining area, the library and the outdoor: meticulous signs, precise proportions, essential volumes. Indoor and outdoor collections recall each other also in the details, the precious materials and in the crafts. It’s about the need to feel that the indoor space becomes one with the outdoor one and that elegance, continuity and a thread bind them forever in time. A home collection characterized by a recognizable lifestyle, timeless yet always up to date, able to keep an eye open for trends but with deep roots in the past.

Indigenus: Indigenus design & manufacture beautiful, durable architectural planters developed to uplift and enhance residential, hospitality & corporate environments. Their original and unique contemporary designs are generated in collaboration with leading designers, architects & artists who have a deep appreciation of the scenic quality of creative planting. The designers understand the impact great sculptural planters can have in an architectural site or landscape. With a shared vision, and under the guidance of founder, Peter van der Post, the Indigenus designers set out to create remarkable and appealing designs that allow for a deeper human connection with nature while acting as magnificent art pieces in their own right.

Utopia & Utility: Combining function & fantasy! Their motivation is to enrich life through beauty; believing that everything that deserves to be made; deserves to be made well. They do so in combining traditional materials in innovative ways. Craftsmanship is at the heart of each object!

Edward Lentsch: Edward’s expansive artistic practice explores his relationship between the self, nature and the universe. From the Fibonacci sequence to the teachings of Aristotle, Lentsch attempts to create a bridge between the natural world and these intellectual canons, exploring the interconnection between the realms of science and mysticism, the metaphysical and the spiritual. He explores how these three facets are integrated within a global environment and moreover how we, as humans, fit within this complex matrix of thought using the ideas of some of the world’s greatest writers and scholars. Lentsch works across a variety of media to create an ‘energy of intention’, in which textures, compositions and colours (or their absence) are combined. At first glance, his abstract canvases bring to mind the earthen tones of Kiefer, or the scratched surfaces of Tàpies. Lentsch, however, draws from a broader art historical canon, and painting becomes an extension of the life force around him, a transformative experience through which he can mediate a pure experiential moment. Flowing from a nonverbal intuitive state of creative expression, Lentsch bridges a complex visual language in which colours and textures are lifted from the natural world. On canvas, they are refracted and tessellated, at times put through the process of entropy, which allows for them to be transformed and transmuted.

Phillip Jeffries: A family business, that has now emerged as one of the leaders in wallcoverings. Based in New Jersey USA, they stock approximately 1MIl yards of wallcovering. Their goal; to make it easy to bring beautiful design to interiors turning houses into dream homes. Elevating commerical spaces into luxury experiences. They aim to make the design process easy and inspiring.

Calfe Crimmings: Calfe Crimmings is a dedicated and responsive team of craftspeople integrating specialist finishes into your design projects. They provide exceptional trowel applied designs to a variety of sectors, whilst placing colour matching as a central theme to their philosophy.

GIOPAGANI:  Introducing its first foray into interior lighting and presents ILLOGICA ALLEGRIA, a capsule collection with a more contemporary inspiration that confirms the eclectic style and transversal approach, between shapes and function, of the brand.

ILLOGICA ALLEGRIA lights are both in Murano glass and metal. The hand- blown glass diffusers, ranging from deep amber to aquamarine and a nuanced white that shades to transparent, are paired with metals that reprise three of the colours collection: brass, copper and black pigment.

gio pagani light

RENDEZ-VOUS Dining Table is part of CHAT NOIR Capsule Collection. This product is composed of metal feet and glass, marble or mirror top. The table is available with the foot in the metal finishes of the collection, the top in back-painted glass, mirror and all the marbles available.

SKRAM: Skram are an anachronism but reject the idea of obsolescence, the idea that the life of an object is limited either by aesthetics or structural resilience. Skram are instead committed to a deeper interpretation of sustainability, one that emphasizes minimalism over excess.

Their products are a distillation of the essential. They are a spare negotiation of beauty, utility and durability. Which is then expressed through a graceful coalescence of form, line, proportion and materiality. Their philosophy is to seek perfect imperfection. By striving for the highest level of craftsmanship while embracing the subtle imperfections that imbue an object with character, particularly with regards to timber.

They are based in the Piedmont region of North Carolina since 2001, their hope is that by creating pieces of such enduring value, they can encourage others to examine their choices about the objects with which they surround themselves and choose quality and durability over trends of fashion and disposability.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you soon at the Tollgard Pop-Up at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre.


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