Solid, French oak crafted into powerfully simple shapes. This is raw functional sculpture at its best.

I am a self-confessed generalist — I think it’s one of the reasons I love being an entrepreneur. This means I love to work with specialists. People who are obsessed with one way of doing something; one material; one aesthetic.

We are so proud to bring Van Rossum into our stable of brands at Tollgard. Their way of working with natural oak allows this noble, understated material to sing. In a raw, less polished way that appeals to my Swedish sense of lagom (another story for another time). Welcome Van Rossum and we are so pleased to showcase your beautiful pieces in the Chelsea Harbour Showroom from the 12th April when we safely reopen.

A Sneak Peak

Kops Slim Round Table

A round wooden table in Van Rossum oak, with specialty end grain table top, beveled at the edges for extra slim-line elegance. The top rests on a handmade, powder-coated metal base of four curved legs. A floral arc and formal purity.

The table is available is all standard Van Rossum colors, click here to view the different wood finishes available for this piece. The steel legs come in four colors.

140 cm x 75 cm

Kops Round Table

Round wooden dining table in Van Rossum oak, with optional a specialty end grain table top and conical base in powder-coated steel. Decisive, with bold tonal contrasts.

Part of what makes this Netherlands-based brand so special, is that it sources the oak from the French National Forestry Service, from trees that are at least 50 years old. The natural classic beauty of the oak, paired with the more modern addition the of steel base, make the Kops Round Table a talking point for any home.

The Kops Round Table comes in a variety of different finishes. Please see the different options here.

119 cm x 75 cm
120 cm x 75 cm

Opium Oval Table

lavish table for dining, meeting, or display. Smooth forms and surface shimmer.

Van Rossum’s Opium Oval Table is a unique take on the ‘classic’ dining table. The collaboration of classic with the Van Rossum oak top, and contemporary with the satisfyingly chunky single brass legs. There is no doubt, this is a special piece for a special home.

The wooden top is available in all standard Van Rossum colors. Please view here. The detailing and base are available in stainless steel or four warm brass colors.

240 x 120 x 75 cm
280 x 120 x 75 cm
320 x 130 x 75 cm


Love of wood, closeness to nature, and exquisite craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Van Rossum. For over 40 years, they have designed and handmade solid and sustainable oak furniture from their workshop in the Netherlands. Each piece of Van Rossum furniture is handmade in their headquarters in Bergharen, the Netherlands.

Kops Oval Table

The Kops Oval Table is a substantial and exquisite addition to any kitchen or dining area. The large wooden oval table is carefully crafted in Van Rossum oak, with specialty end grain table top and a oak conical base mounted on a powder-coated metal plate.

The wood is available in all standard Van Rossum colors. Please view here.

245 x 133 x 76 cm
245 x 133 x 75 cm

Abi Bar Stool

Sit tall & sit soft with the new ABI bar stool by Christophe Delcourt. This fresh addition to the Van Rossum collection stands out for its gentle, rounded forms and ultra-supple leather. We are very pleased to be showing this stool and its siter the Abi chair in Tollgard Chelsea Harbour.

The wooden base is available in all standard Van Rossum colors. Please view here. To customise this beautiful piece and make it your own, choose from a broad selection of leather colors. Please view these here.

Abi Chair

A sumptuous XL version of the Abi chair with rounded frame in oak or walnut and back and seat in soft leather. Available in a variety of colors and color combinations. Generous luxury.

Staffan often says that dining needs to be practical, comfortable and inspire conversation. One of the reasons we love Van Rossum’s Abi Chair is because it’s a chair our clients can sink into at the end of a long day. Its subtle, elegant and practical, and will no doubt be a very popular product over the next couple of months.

The wood is available in all standard Van Rossum colors. To create your own bespoke solution, choose from a range of leather colors, see here.

Kitale Chair

This chair transitions seamlessly from desk to dining. In Van Rossum oak, with a generous back, you can choose between upholstered in leather, or a bespoke fabric finish.

The wood is available in all standard Van Rossum colors. Please view here. Choose from a selection of different leather colors. See the full variety here.

50 x 55 x 80 cm

Beam Console

This remarkably simple, yet impressively solid console, is a proud addition to any hallway or living area.

A minimal wooden console in Van Rossum’s statement oak, encased in an aesthetically pleasing, metal frame.

This console, much like other pieces in Van Rossum’s collection, is as functional as it is attractive. It can be used as a desk. Pair with the Kitale chair for the ultimate value-adding furnishings for your home.

The wood is available in all Van Rossum colors. Please view here.

120 x 35 x 75 cm
180 x 35 x 54 cm

Plot Cabinet

This generous storage cabinet stands proud, with five interior shelves and a lockable door. Its tall, sleek, and linear structure make this a statement piece.

This would be a wonderful addition to any working space, where storage and privacy is important.

The wood is available in Van Rossum colors. Please view here.

85 x 43 x 234 cm

"Van Rossum are specialists in their field. Passionate about working with quality timber that is responsibly sourced and aged, they create heirloom pieces to stand the test of time.”
Staffan Tollgård Founder and Creative Director
Our Chelsea Harbour Showroom is so proud to showcase these beautiful pieces from the 12th April when we reopen. Contact us for any more information