A Day to Celebrate with Beautiful Things

As partners in life and work, Monique and I know that it’s important to celebrate the milestones. To stop and smell the roses along the way. Otherwise we’re in danger of rushing from project to project, from year to year, from decade to decade without appreciating the incredible journey along the way.

Valentine’s Day reminded us of the importance of celebrations, of the importance of milestones. So we started thinking about anniversaries, and how we could help celebrate them with some very, very beautiful things that could tell the story of a journey of design, love and a shared passion for beautiful things.

Celebrating the Years

Multicolour Floral Artpiece image in situ

A Zhuang Hong Yi Paper-scape

1st Anniversary: Paper

For the first anniversary, how about an incredible work of art, made from paper? This striking, colour-shifting piece from acclaimed Chinese artist Zhuang Hong Yi is made from folded origami rice paper. Every angle is different… much like a marriage!

Living room ambient shot wih beige l shape sofa and round pink artipiece above

Textile Art by Waller Hewett

2nd Anniversary: Cotton

The second anniversary gift is cotton. These stunning pieces from Ruth Waller and Lee Hewett are made from cotton bobbles mounted on sprung steel stalks. They’re also partners in life and work and their textile pieces exude happiness, joy and whimsy.

Daybed with solid wood seat paded with black leather

A Daybed of Leather

3rd Anniversary: Leather

Described in The New York Times as “solitary indulgence”, we think there might be room for two if you snuggle up very close on this stunning piece from New York atelier BassamFellows! The hand-sewn, achingly soft leather cushions are just right for the third anniversary.

Bed with grey sheets and bedside table with white wall

Bedlinen from Bemboka

4th Anniversary: Linen

Made using Belgian linen yarns, this incredible bedding set from Bemboka exudes the classically understated and sophisticated sense of taste you want from bedding, letting the true texture and threads of the fabric deliver that desire to wrap yourself up in-between the sheets.

Ceccotti Collezioni D.R.D.P. bench in solid american wallnut and leather in white background

The DRDP bench by Ceccotti

5th Anniversary: Wood

Elegantly beautiful, with curves that take you on a journey across its devilishly unique form. This two-seater bench designed by Roberto Lazzeroni at Ceccotti Collezioni evokes an authentic sense of character and old-fashioned charm.

Staffan and Monique Tollgard
“I love this picture of Monique and I taken at our best friend’s wedding in Mallorca. Monique and I celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary this year – which, very unromantically, is appliances! We might skip this and go straight to jade for 19 years.”
Staffan Tollgård Founder and Creative Director
Copper desk accessories on a cabinet

Tin Vases from &Tradition

10th Anniversary: Tin

These tin vases from Danish makers &Tradition are a stunning little set of collectibles. Whether on their own or adorned with a few flower stems they always delight the eye due to the variation in the polished, burnished and oxidised metals.

Blue Glass flower jar with pink plant

A Vase from Moser

15th Anniversary: Crystal

A Moser crystal vase is forever. Especially one that’s called Diva. These stunning vases are handmade by elite artisans in a tradition going back 160 years. The intensity and mastery of their iconic hues of colour is a well-guarded secret – colours that you will fall in love with.

Glass ware and white ceremic collection on a cabinet

Base Tableware by Piet Boon

20th Anniversary: China

A truly beautiful piece of tableware is sometimes invisible, allowing the star of the show to take centre-stage. This collaboration in porcelain between Piet Boon and Serax oozes sublime, subtle elegance and the understated taste that’s the hallmark of this Dutch master.

Esteban Paris large candle with animal print glass in situ image

Baobab: Pearl Candles

30th Anniversary: Pearl

For many centuries, white pearls have been seen as symbols of purity and love. Sprinkled with light pink and white fragments, the White Pearls scented candle is inspired by the perfection of the pearl, also known as “tears of the gods.”

Sip of Gold Gold, black and white glass tumblers with geometric pattern

Sip of Gold: Furstenberg

50th Anniversary: Gold

These champagne goblets are always a talking point. Staffan’s personal favourites; the inside of each wafer-thin porcelain cup is lined with the finest precious metal in 24 carat gold. Celebrate a momentous anniversary with champagne from golden cups… and savour each sip.

“Isn’t the whole point of things—beautiful things—that they connect you to some larger beauty? Those first images that crack your heart wide open and you spend the rest of your life chasing, or trying to recapture, in one way or another?”
The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt