Founded in 1973 by the Veronan Benedini family, Agapecasa is today a byword for beautiful, contemporary home furnishings. In partnership with the Angelo Mangiarotti estate, Agapecasa has breathed new life into a series of unique furniture designs by the great Angelo Mangiarotti, which are proudly represented at Tollgard’s London showrooms.  

Angelo Mangiarotti was an extraordinary talent born in 1920’s Milan, whose work spanned architecture, industrial design, furniture design and sculpture. He was cultivated and brilliant; embracing the ideals of the Modern Movement and going beyond them to conceive highly original and experimental designs. Deeply committed to functionalism and never losing sight of the needs of his users, Mangiarotti also possessed a sculptor’s eye and balanced his pragmatism with an unending pursuit of beauty and elegance.

Agapecasa is now breathing new life into some of Mangiarotti’s most notable furniture concepts; a hand-picked collection of gems that are being skilfully crafted using the designer’s original blueprints. The items are diverse and were designed over a 50-year period, yet they all bear the unmistakable handwriting of Mangiarotti. Chairs, tables, shelves and storage units are reimagined, functioning innovatively and intelligently. Standout items on display at Tollgard’s showroom include Agapecasa’s Eros Tables, a set of marble designs which use only gravity in place of joints or clamps, and the 3T Chair, crafted simply in wood and leather but taking an unconventional three-legged form.

Staffan selected an Agape Casa console for the hallway of this contemporary Beaconsfield home. The 14 person marble dining table in the Tollgard Showroom Belgravia has been a stunning guest – although with 4 people required to move it, it may be staying for a little while.

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