Karakter Copenhagen is a Danish design brand specialising in the production of furniture and lighting by design icons of the past and future. With an uncompromising commitment to quality and a focus on enduring, timeless design, the brand draws together a collection of beautifully crafted forever pieces, which are available at Tollgard London.

Karakter Copenhagen proudly presents works by some of the most celebrated masters of furniture and lighting design; icons of the 20th century including Joe Colombo, Angelo Mangiarotti and Achille Castiglioni. It also celebrates and showcases pieces by some of the most promising new design talent of today, including Laura Straßer, Aldo Bakker and Anatomy Design. Piece by piece, old and new, Karakter is building a legacy of beautiful design rooted in the Scandinavian tradition.

One of the pieces available at Tollgard’s London showrooms is the Chair 300, by Joe Colombo. This chair epitomises Joe Colombo’s focus on democratic design which served its end user. It is a strong, comfortable and supremely functional piece of furniture, with customisation options including leathers from Sørensen Leather and textiles from Kvadrat.

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