A byword for the best in Danish industrial design, the world of Vipp presents a vast and exciting contemporary collection. This library includes elegantly minimal furniture, lighting, kitchens, and accessories. It may be hard to believe that this story begins in 1939 with a bin. Founder and skilled metal smith Holger Nielsen laid the foundations by answering a question of living for his wife, Marie. She sought an effective wastebin for her salon, a design that would be easy and fit for purpose.

Holger’s creation proved to be the most practical of objects: a compact, pedal-controlled bin. Rooted in functionality, this bin would prove to be the first step on their road to a more functional world, filled with beautiful and industrial objects.
50 years later, Vipp’s pedal pin is a testament to this functional philosophy with a permanent place in the MoMa collection. Holger’s daughter Jette Egelund and grandchildren Kasper and Sofie continue to innovate and build on his vision. Founders Monique and Staffan Tollgård were captivated by this design story and its lasting resonance. Each new piece of the Vipp puzzle was built to endure. On their visit to Vipp’s studio in Copenhagen, they discovered the clean lines and crisp details of the V1 kitchen. Rejecting tradition, this is a celebration of minimalism and functionality in a new space. Beautifully simple, and meticulously articulated, the V1 kitchen with its modular nature proves to be a versatile design solution. One that doesn’t sacrifice form to achieve function.

Discover the world of Vipp in London at the Tollgard Belgravia showroom. The Chelsea showroom is also proud to present a new Vipp showcase for London Design Week in March 2023.

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