Piet Boon blossoms at Tollgard from April 12th

Our doors are open again! From Belgravia to the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, welcome back.

As the magnolias and the cherry blossom bloom, the season feels like the start of something special. Looking down the river from Tollgard Belgravia to Tollgard Chelsea Harbour we feel a spring in our step and we can’t wait to welcome you in to see some beautiful new pieces from some great design houses. Let’s start with these future classics from Dutch powerhouse Piet Boon.


We’ve coveted the Ella sofa ever since we met her at the Piet Boon showroom in Milan. Gorgeously curvaceous, her lines are elegant and contemporary, with a distinctly art deco feel.

The floating seating and back elements are fused together with hand-crafted bronze legs. We are delighted to have this remarkable piece in our Chelsea Harbour Showroom and know that she will find good homes all around London. We have an inkling that this will be a distinctly popular choice!

"The feminine character gives elegance, softness and excitement to more subdued interiors. A true eye catcher for people with a bolder taste.”
Anne de Jongh Senior Product Designer at Piet Boon


Who said we had to keep outdoor and indoor spaces separate? Piet Boon’s NOOR pouf is inspired by soft, curvaceous pebbles that we want to bring inside! This satisfying remarkable piece, with its soft yet structured form, transitions easily between living spaces, bedrooms and dressing rooms. The pouf comes in a variety of natural hues including oak grey, taupe, black and a light dust grey and is designed to be placed at a jaunty, playful angle.

JANE Arm Chair

Excellence is woven into the very fabric of the Jane Armchair. The chair was initially designed by Piet Boon Studio for a two Michelin-star restaurant in Antwerp and its success has mirrored its culinary namesake. We love its rounded shape that makes it very flexible for living room compositions, and its extended family that includes a swivel chair, dining chair and two sizes of pouf.

"As we are bursting into spring outside, I am doubly filled with excitement because we are finally able to reopen our showrooms. For me, Spring is always like a rebirth and we are thrilled to show the world what we have been discovering over the last year. Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, we can't wait to spread our wings and welcome you all back!”
Erik Odell-Romanoff Showroom Manager

KAI Side Tables

Studio Piet Boon are masters of design. The brand reinforces this reputation with the introduction of the KAI side table. Though small in stature, the KAI side table creates a lasting impression with its cutaway profile and brutalist-inspired geometry. The KAI side table is available in four colour combinations that combines varnished and brushed oak and satin lacquer finishes.

LOT & JOB Stools

These little ceramic stools emerged from an experiment the Studio Piet Boon were making with volumes for another side table. Through this exercise came LOT. Then JOB arrived by playing with the proportions of the Kekke shape. The wider top allows the stool to be easily picked up. We are very happy to welcome these ceramic surprises to our showroom.

Part of what makes Tollgard unique as interior designers is that we place family living at the heart of our design practise. One of the reasons we love the Piet Boon Collection, is because it combines functionality, aesthetics and individuality.

This marriage of functionality and aesthetics is just one of the reasons we are delighted to welcome the KAI side tables and LOT & JOB stools to our showroom.

These unique and practical pieces facilitate family living. This practise of ‘by a family for families’ is something we have been exploring and embracing as designers. We want to help our clients with families live more meaningful, balanced and connected lives. Piet Boon’s KAI side tables and LOT & JOB stools allow for easy manoeuvring; whether you are playing a spontaneous game of chess with your child, or need additional seating for an impromptu family movie, these Piet Boon pieces give you ultimate flexibility.


Who said a sofa can’t combine comfort and effortless elegance? All the hallmarks of Studio Piet Boon are at work in their new DERK sofa. Clean, minimal lines with sturdy, inviting softness – a really beautiful solution for contemporary living spaces. There is something very satisfying about the generous armrest that falls over the seat cushion, providing a rigid surface that can serve as a side table. The DERK sofa is available in a variety of colours, fabrics and materials, including high-quality leather from the Piet Boon collection

"The striking and generous armrest falls over the seat cushion, creating a multipurpose element, and serves an extra function when the leather ‘tray’ is added.”
Anne de Jongh Senior Product Designer, Piet Boon

KOBE Coffee Table

The KOBE coffee table is a perfect example of Studio Piet Boon’s strong aesthetic values. The table is simple yet beautiful, combining clean lines and generous proportions. It’s the perfect partner for the DERK sofa.

The KOBE comes in four different colour combinations. Please view here.

180 x 90 x 30 cm

“Piet Boon’s designs have an incredible ability to work with other pieces – versatile actors that make themselves at home on any stage that values the power of quiet beauty.”
Staffan Tollgård Founder and Creative Director

KEK Side Table

The stunning KEK side table can be used in a variety of settings. Drawing on this concept of ‘Dutch functionalism’, this table is just as at home in a bathroom as it is in a living room. It is expertly crafted to ensure maximum functionality.

The KEK side table is available in steel, marble and walnut. Please view the color options here.

35 x 35 x 50 cm

HERO Side Table

The HERO side table is beautiful bold addition to any living space. With the use of different patina, Studio Piet Boon celebrate the sculptural design and integrity of this table.

Available in bronze and green oxidized brass, this piece will be sure to make a statement in any setting. Please view the colour options here.

40 x 40 x 50 cm

TJERK Cabinet

This remarkably versatile piece is both bold and distinguished. With generous storage space and clean lines, the TJERK display cabinet is carefully crafted out of solid ash wood with glass doors. The cabinet is easily closed due to its smart snapper locking system.

One of the major benefits of this unique piece is that our clients can decide how they would like it to look by placing cabinets alongside, or on top of each other.

The neutral palette of this unit offer additional flexibility: please view the different colour options here.

TJERK one element: 50 x 100 x 106 cm

TJERK two elements: 50 x 100 x 206 cm

KEKKE Kitchen Stool

Stunning, simple and sturdy are just a few of the words that spring to mind when we see the KEKKE kitchen stool. The unique combination of fabric or leather, paired with cool powder-coated steel make this an exceptional piece.
The KEKKE kitchen stool can just as easily and elegantly be used in a bar as in a kitchen.

The stool comes in a range of colours, to view these please click here.

54 x 54 x 88 cm

KEKKE dining chairs

The Kekke chair brings laid-back luxury to any dining area through its combination of fabric or leather and powder-coated steel frame. If this chair were an actor, it would be James Dean or Steven McQueen. No doubt about it.

The Kekke chair comes in a variety of different coloured frames. Please view here.

54 x 54 x 86 cm

“The Kekke dining chairs were an investment piece in our home a few years ago. Every family dinner, every dinner party, every glass of wine after a long day at work … we love them more."
Staffan Tollgård Founder and Creative Director
To learn more about any of these Piet Boon pieces, or to know more about our Spring novelties, please contact our team of showroom specialists: Erik, Peter, Philip and Tania — they would be delighted to help you.

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